Saturday, June 13


Quotable: "I've argued for a long time that a steady diet of cynicism destroys respect for humans, and David Letterman has now reached that level. What he said is inexcusable. Not just poor judgment, not just stupid, and not just crossing the line. It was inexcusable." ~ Scot McKnight

We've got wheels. This afternoon we purchased a 2002 Toyota Corolla -- not a lot different than the 1999 Corolla we had on Guam. That's a good thing.

We had fun evening with some 20-somethings (friends of our nephew Josh) who came over for dinner. My optimism gauge shoots way up when I'm around people like them.

From The Salt Lake Tribune -- "Evangelicals urge gentler approach to Mormons" -- good article which reflects the more dignified way that evangelicals are relating to their LDS neighbors. ~ link

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