Monday, June 15


I wondered if this might happen. President Johnson Toribiong of Palau is taking some local heat for his willingness to accept the Uighurs (Muslim separatists from western China) from the Gitmo. ~ link

Blue Bell Ice Cream logoThey now sell Blue Bell ice cream in Arizona. The last time we had Blue Bell was when we lived in Texas 14 years ago ("the best ice cream in the country" -- which they didn't export out of Texas at the time). So I bought half a gallon of chocolate cookie dough ice cream -- even though it wasn't the cheapest option in the freezer aisle. (It was still less expensive than any of the cheapest stuff on Guam.)

We took our new-used Corolla (w/ 94,000 miles) to a mechanic to see if it might be in good enough shape for longer trips. He REALLY liked what he saw and said that he'd not hesitate to take it on a longer road trip.

Spam is bad for the environment. Each spam message generates 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide. Does this mean we can now sic the EPA on the spammers? ~ link


don said...

We will have to assume that Tillamook ice cream isn't available in Phoenix.

Unknown said...

At first I thought you meant HORMEL Spam was bad for the environment. WHEW! Glad it's not.

Welcome back.

with infinite hope, Jim Stanley-Erickson

Brad Boydston said...

Of course not. HORMEL Spam is just bad for one's heart and arteries.