Wednesday, June 17


A German company wants to sell gold bars out of vending machines -- at 30% above current market value. This does not sound well-conceived. Gold buyers are typically conservative investors who watch the percentages closely. ~ link

Tokyo Christian University offers a BA degree which integrates liberal studies, Bible, and theology -- and it is taught in English. ~ link (via)

Opera Unite is cutting out the middle man -- taking the next step beyond web 2.0. ~ link

Africans may soon be getting broadband internet access through a system which uses hydrogen-filled weather balloons flying overhead at 80,000-100,000 feet. ~ link

There is a whole new set of interesting nature-oriented iGoogle themes. I'm currently running the "under the sea" theme from National Geographic. ~ link

1.07% of Pakistan's population is made up of refugees. 0.70 % of Germany's population is made up of refugees. See if your country is on the chart. ~ link

Richard Lewis' latest lesson on cross-cultural interaction -- "Hierarchy of Trust" ~ link

Another prominent Anglican is swimming the Tiber. ~ link

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