Saturday, June 20


So far every store and restaurant has taken my Discover card -- in contrast to Guam, where only a few stores (mostly mainland US chains) even know what it is. (I like getting the cash kickback.)

Humor me. I'm still readjusting to various aspects of American culture. It's a bitter sweet adventure because we're also missing our Guam friends and the pace of life there.

Flash from the past! Cheryl and I did the CiCi's pizza buffet tonight. They now seem entrenched in Arizona. When we lived in Texas and the chain was new our whole church would often meet at CiCi's after worship.

Last night we met our friends Jeff and Mary Johnson and had a feast at Famous Dave's BBQ -- another outstanding meal at a place that I'm sure most people know about but which has been totally off our radar. Jeff says he's going to open one on Guam in his spare time. That would get the island hopping.

Weary of toting my laptop halfway around the world I purchased an Acer subcompact from Fry's Electronics last week. They were on sale for $237. I thought it would be good for short emails and surfing. But I've been surprised at how much other work I can actually do on the mini. I've even written out half a sermon.

Greenland has taken another step toward autonomy -- severing more ties with Denmark. ~ link

The US government has already messed too much with the economy. Now they (we!) want to fund a cash for clunkers trade-in program to get people to buy new cars. So far, I haven't heard anyone explain where we're getting the money to buy people's old cars. We'll just print more, I suppose, and let our grandchildren pick up the tab when the whole thing comes back to bite us. ~ link

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