Tuesday, June 23


"Pastors no longer automatically hold positions of community influence. But they can -- and should -- earn a place in their communities by participating in them, says pastor and author Nelson Granade." This is a good article. ~ link

Ray Anderson, my doctoral mentor, died on Sunday. Though he was relatively unknown by the average church goer his imprint on the church was significant. ~ link

We stopped in Pasadena for a few minutes yesterday and I gave myself a tour of the new library at Fuller Theological Seminary. Impressive. I also got a new library card. Now I'll have to show up there more often.

Chat with someone who speaks a different language. BabelWith.Me translates on the fly. Free. I'd like to hear from some truly multi-lingual people about the accuracy of this. ~ link

Ed McMahon is gone. ~ link

The Anglican Church in North America, an alternative to the Episcopal Church in America, has been constituted. The interesting thing about this particuluar church is that it grafts the Reformed Episcopal Church (which split from the Episcopal Church in 1873) back into the Anglican mainstream. ~ link
The Anglican Church in North America unites some 100,000 Anglicans in 700 parishes into a single church. Jurisdictions which have joined together to form the 28 dioceses and dioceses-in-formation of the Anglican Church in North America are: the dioceses of Fort Worth, Pittsburgh, Quincy and San Joaquin; the Anglican Mission in the Americas; the Convocation of Anglicans in North America; the Anglican Network in Canada; the Anglican Coalition in Canada; the Reformed Episcopal Church; and the missionary initiatives of Kenya, Uganda, and South America’s Southern Cone. Additionally, the American Anglican Council and Forward in Faith North America are founding organizations.
In spite of the rhetoric from the emerging church folk and the Barna crowd, younger people are still flocking to megachurches. ~ link

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