Friday, July 31

Developing core values for a new church

I've posted some of the core values that I'm hoping will shape the discussion of how the MasterPiece Church will develop its ministry. (Like the church, the website is in a very early stage of development.) These are the same values that I hope to instill in all the churches we plant. It's hard to know how much to "dictate" upfront and how much to leave open for discussion and organic development.

The church planting pastor wants to provide a firm direction but at the same time be sensitive to how the new congregation develops its own way of doing things. It's very difficult to find the balance. Such is more art than science -- more Spirit-led than formula-driven.

The church planter who thinks that he or she can plant his or her own ideal church is in for a shock. Many successful church planters get depressed along about the third or fourth year when they realize that the congregation they've birthed isn't exactly what they had in mind. And at that point they're not sure what to do about it.

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