Monday, July 6


The cargo container from Guam has arrived! Now we have to shift things to the local storage container. 108° this afternoon. We'll wait until evening to start the work.

Happy 76th birthday (on 7-6) to my father, Horace!

Sill praying for Laura Ling and Euna Lee who are among the many prisoners in North Korea. Day 29 for them.

I'm excited about an exotic fruit nursery in south Phoenix ~ bananas, mangoes, citrus, passion fruit, jack fruit, guavas... It can all grow here. ~ link

God is a materialist. ~ link

Friends Jeff and Mary Johnson are in the news ~ link

Church attendance among Hispanics in the US has grown 10%/week over the last 15 years, according to Barna research. The growth is occurring in churches under 500 in attendance -- perhaps reflecting the shift from Roman Catholicism (where parishes can be huge). ~ link

What do Christians have to offer the the world? ~ link

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