Wednesday, July 8


In Phoenix mild springs often mean hotter than normal summers. They're predicting five straight days over 110°. ~ link

I just discovered Kyle Strobel's (and his King's College cronies') Theology Forum blog through a IVP tweet. This is definitely worth adding to my Google Reader feeds. ~ link

One of the many things I like about the Covenant is our willingness to risk -- to step out in faith. Putting a 36-year-old in charge of church planting is a great move that could bring new energy and perspective to an already successful operation. ~ link

David Neff interviews Mark Noll on how American Christianity has affected the global church. ~ link

For years people have speculated that Google was working on its own OS. For years Google has rolled their eyes at the suggestion. Now that Google has announced the release of their own OS it is all a bit anticlimactic. ~ link

Anti-aging drug found in Easter Island soil. ~ link

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Kent Eilers said...

Brad, I have never been a "crony" before. Thanks for the fun new moniker.

Kent (@ Theology Forum)