Monday, July 27


Good article on the housing market in Arizona -- "Low-priced foreclosures incite bidding wars -- a feeding frenzy that is pitting investors against traditional home buyers." This is what we're dealing with right now. ~ link

Mission trips to Thailand for Covenant Church high schoolers. ~ link

The food bank is interested in your extra tomatoes and zucchinis ~ link

Trouble brewing for the Antiochian Archdiocese -- the transition into the New World hasn't been easy. ~ link

Trouble brewing for Scandinavian seminaries ~ link

Does exercise help us feel closer to God? Mostly I just feel sore when I exercise. But Carolyn Arends' Gnostic busting article is still worth a read. ~ link

ASU has dropped in the "party school" ranking -- which means the value of my BA just went up. ~ link

Phoenix neighborhood pressuring church to stop feeding the hungry -- at least in their backyard. ~ link

• However, in South Phoenix a church is being commended for its outreach. ~ link

• You can see why this has become such a popular YouTube video. I'm guessing that the wedding rehearsal went a little longer than usual.

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