Thursday, July 30


bald song birdCool looking bald songbird discovered in Laos ~ link

Free Jack-in-the-Box tacos ~ link

Arizonians are draining their pools and building decks over them to try and save money. Now you know the economy is bad. ~ link

John and Rebecca Kim are about to become the first Covenant missionaries in India. They leave in September. I suppose I should qualify that and say, the first Covenant missionaries from the North American Covenant serving in India. ~ link

Yikes, Pastor Kevin David, from Cornerstone Covenant Church in Turlock (my successor) is in Doctor's Hospital in Modesto with a heart problem. His daughter is getting married next week. Pray.

The PIU/PIBC Thai team has returned to Guam. ~ link

What I do worry about in all of this is whether the evangelical churches are prepared to receive and nurture the students graduating from these colleges and universities (evangelical liberal arts institutions). On many of these campuses, Lilly-funded programs on the importance of seeing one’s daily work as “vocation” have inspired students to see so-called “secular” occupations as Kingdom service. They are looking for the kind of preaching and sacramental life, as well as continuing education, to which they have become accustomed on their undergraduate campuses. If the evangelical churches fail to meet their expectations, they will go elsewhere. It will not likely be in the direction of liberal Protestantism—more likely they will move toward Anglicanism, Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Or maybe they will contribute to new forms of evangelical church life. ~ Richard Mouw
Wow, Southwest is trying to buy bankrupt Frontier Airlines. That would really change the air travel landscape. ~ link

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