Sunday, August 9


Check out wikimapia. As our #2 son, Kent says, "They one upped google earth." Actually they've taken images provided by Google and created a wiki overlay. The search function seems weak and it doesn't work with Google Chrome. But there are lots of interesting tags available.

• ¡Nuevo! Sam's Club para Latinos -- the Más Club ~ link

• People killed in the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan -- a million Chinese evacuated -- Typhoon Morakot ~ link

• The US Border Patrol has found another body in the southern Arizona desert -- the seventh in a week. People are desperate to get into the US. ~ link

We've hit a slight snag in the wire-transfer. The bank wants an "original signature" document authorizing the wire-transfer. (I feel like I'm stuck in the pre-global economy of the 80's.) FedEx will get the documents moving toward our Guam bank tomorrow. It will just delay the closing of the deal a few days -- I hope.

Health insurance is more affordable than some are leading us to believe. ~ link

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Ann said...

in re: health care article -- one has to read the fine print of the policies to ascertain correctly how much you get for the price. Do they have the option to cancel or jack premiums up on your policy at any time? (i.e., if you get sick with a chronic illness, or someone in your family does) What if you have a pre-existing condition or health risk? What is you're not young and healthy, anymore? A friend who used to handle all medical benefits for a Christian ministry was aghast at what happened when the ministry cancelled all group coverage. Our family of 4 may pay over $500/2 weeks because of the staff reduction at his company. This profit-driven health provider system is insane, and it's certainly not about "care."