Monday, August 3


• While we were busy in June moving from Guam to the mainland US apparently the counter hit the 1 million mark -- that is, for the number of English words. ~ link

• They're getting serious about connecting Loop 202, running it through the Ahwatukee Foothills, the South Mountain preserve, and then north on through Laveen. ~ link

• ASU thinks they can save students 40% of the cost of a college degree with their do-it-all-in-3-years plan. The problem we ran into at PIBC/PIU was that there was only so much financial aid eligibility in a given year. There were students who could have gone through the program in 3 years but couldn't afford the tuition. ~ link

Fuller DMin in Hawaii ~ link

Revenue @ the Indian casinos is down 9.4% over last year. No wonder everyone was so dower last week when we attempt to try out the buffet. ~ link

• The drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas may take one hour less once the bypass bridge is completed next year. ~ link

Is Radio Shack about to become "The Shack"? (I noticed that Pizza Hut is trying to become "The Hut".) The challenges Radio Shack faces aren't really related to getting the branding right. They've got to somehow make the jump in perception from chinsy to quality. ~ link

• My favorite Lutheran theologian Carl Braaten has written a fiery open letter to ELCA bishop Herbert Chilstrom -- calling out the ELCA for their "Kulturprotestantismus." ~ link

The Covenant Home Altar is now online with daily devos. ~ link

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