Wednesday, August 5


• We drive by the landfill everyday and there is a torch which burns off the escaping methane. Why isn't that gas captured and used for something productive? I'm sure there must be a reason. Is it a good one?

The home inspector spent several hours this morning evaluating the house we're buying. He says that it is in "fantastic shape." So, we're ready to wrap up the deal and close escrow as soon as the seller is ready to take our money.

• BTW, our experience with Matt Jenks and First Step Home Inspectors was very positive. ~ link

I'm trying to sort through all the ISPs mumbo jumbo to figure out which provider works best in our area -- and our situation. We probably don't need cable TV (broadcast works great). We probably don't need a landline (haven't had one for a few years -- we rely on our cellphones). So none of the "bundles" are all that helpful. Suggestions?

There are many things we miss about Guam. The sunsets are among them. ~ link

Joshua Jones, who worked for me at PIBC, says that Guam misses us. The island hasn't stopped crying since we left. -- Well, it is the rainy season.

Scot McKnight's quick essay on Tolkien's short story Leaf by Niggle is another powerful reminder of the joyful materiality of existence -- and heaven. So long Plato! ~ link

Now that they're back on US soil someone needs to give those two women the "what were you thinking?" speech -- and then take them out to dinner. We've all done some pretty stupid things.

Ross Anderson, himself a former Mormon, has created a study guide, Jesus Without Joesph, for people leaving the LDS church and making the transition into a Christian church. He's gracious -- not into Mormon-bashing. ~ link


Ross Anderson said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog and the Jesus Without Joseph study guide!

Sean Meade said...

good stuff on Leaf By Niggle. i've read both it and Surprised by Hope. have you had the chance, yet?

Unknown said...

Lots of land fill generators in Australia - suspect greater government sponsored incentive in Aust to sell power back into the grid. See