Friday, August 7


Twitter is back online and we can all now relax. If you are under the age of 25 you perhaps did not notice that it was gone. ~ link

• We discovered this evening that the Wendy's in Fountain Hills has free wi-fi -- nice strong connection, too.

All the papers have been signed -- and as soon as the money is transfered from our bank on Guam we'll get the keys to the house in Laveen -- probably Tuesday.

• Today is Assyrian Martyrs Day ~ link

• It's hard to keep up with all the unplanned expansion. Introducing the Evangelical Covenant Church of Uruguay ~ link

Update on the state of solar power ~ link

• One Laveen neighborhood is wishing for a little less solar this summer. They can't get any cold water out of the tap. Blame the recession and foreclosure crisis. ~ link

• Beautiful day in Phoenix -- 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. Today's high was 103° -- 6% humidity.

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