Tuesday, August 11


Mary the McDonald's drive-thru lady even has a FB fan group -- started by customers -- fun story. ~ link

Some at Coral Ridge are not yet ready to accept Tullian Tchividjian as the pastor. Guys, it's not like he came to you looking for the job. Give him some room to start leading in his way. You don't really want a Kennedy clone. He was one of a kind for his era. ~ link

We're tracking a FedEx package on the way to Guam. But according to the FedEx website it has been sitting in Memphis for 16 hours. For those of you who deal with this more regularly, is the info on the website accurate? If so, why is the package stationary for so long?

Looks like rain. Feels like rain. But until it actually starts to smell like rain I won't get my hopes up.

A gardener's most important tool in Arizona? Fine-tip tweezers.

• Even though Phoenix is one of the top US cities to start a new business, according to Entrepreneur magazine, it ranks next-to-last in health, education, and job growth, according to the Phoenix Business Journal. Some things in life just don't make easy sense.

• Of all the US states Rhode Island has the biggest drug problem. It must be all those illegal aliens sneaking in across the border from Connecticut. ~ link

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