Thursday, August 27


trailer• Check out this tiny bicycle-towed trailer. Fun. ~ link (via)

• We had corn on the cob for lunch. I love summer!

• Thank you, Australia, for sending us naval oranges to enjoy in our summer.

• "South Korea, the second largest missionary-sending country in the world, is thinking about barring certain Christian missionaries from traveling to the Middle East in light of recent expulsions." ~ link

• It's taken some time but I'm learning. I didn't try to stuff that 80lb box of Ikea shelves into the Corolla. If I'd have been successful my back would have been on the DL for three weeks. I'll figure out something else.

• Regardless of what one thinks of "Obamacare" or classic liberal politics, it is totally absurd to equate Obama with the anti-Christ (and it totally disses the Bible). I'm more concerned over the right-wing reactions than I am over the goofy half-baked proposals coming out of DC.

• I'm surprised that Phoenix doesn't have an all-news radio station (there are nearly 5 million people living in this radio market.). The stations which used to carry news have all been swallowed by talk-radio.

• Ya mon Phoenix could also use a reggae station.

Bruce Metcalf, who has been the pastor of Hilmar Covenant Church for nearly 30 years is retiring in March. ~ link

The public schools on Guam are closed because of an $8 million to $10 million (they're not sure how much) short-fall. But they'll open again on Monday. ~ link | link

Google Docs now has a translation feature. ~ link

• It sounds like they've got 110 students on the Guam campus of Pacific Islands University this fall. That's got to be a campus record.

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