Wednesday, September 2


• A big packet-switched shout-out to the UCLA-born Internet, which is celebrating its 40th birthday today. On September 2nd, 1969 I was starting the 7th grade. I don't think I ever used a PC until 1984 or 1985. ~ link

• Jin Kim, pastor of Church of All Nations in Minneapolis, says we achieve diversity in the local congregation by focusing on reconciliation rather than talking about diversity. ~ link

• Richard Mouw -- "For a civil parking lot" ~ link

Good interview with Richard Nelson Bolles (author of What Color Is Your Parachute? and The Job Hunter's Survival Guide: How to Find Hope and Rewarding Work, Even When "There Are No Jobs") -- "The Purpose-Driven Job Hunter" ~ link

• "InterVarsity Press, has recently launched two new series: Ancient Christian Doctrine and Ancient Christian Texts." ~ link

Will the NIV 2011 simply be a re-labled TNIV update? We can hope that it doesn't stray too far philisophically. ~ link

Albert Mohler chimes in on the NIV 2011 ~ link

The NIV 2011 website is now open for business and comments. ~ link

• While we're quibbling over translation issues in our over-saturated Bibleland there are still people quietly doing translation work for the large number who don't have a Bible in their own language (kind'a ironic). This month's issue of the Lausanne World Pulse is on the future of Bible translation. And they're not really concerned about the future of the TNIV/NIV.

Where do white people come from? As my island friends tease -- "You're just half-baked..." (They are more on target than they realize.) ~ link

• Cut-in-line pass -- $10 bumps you ahead of the "A group" when you're flying Southwest -- which makes flying a little more complicated. ~ link

Hong Kong is channeling $55m (including $5m from the government itself) in relief money for the Taiwanese through World Vision. ~ link

Interesting demographic breakdown of the Presbyterian USA membership. Median age of such Presbyterians is 60 years -- most likely female. ~ link (.pdf)

Big Surf, which was THE water attraction in Phoenix when we first moved here in the mid-70's is apparently closing. It's been 30 years since I've been there but back then it was a great place where surfers and swimmers took turns playing in the desert-front waves generated through what looked like a giant toilet tank. Time marches on. ~ link

The demise of the ELCA can be traced back to some organizational and structural decisions. ~ link

We tried to rent Bolt for tonight but all the Redboxes were depleted. Popular movie.

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Bill Kinnon said...

I was starting 8th grade! And here I thought you were older than me - though I'll grant you are definitely wiser... @ least some days. :-)