Wednesday, September 9


New form of malaria -- just when we thought we might be getting the upper hand! Why DID God make mosquitoes? ~ link

• The September issue of Serve! is online. This is Steve Sjogren's practical E-zine sharing servant evangelism ideas. Great resource. ~ link

MasterPiece Logo• My brother Greg, the graphic artist, designed a logo for our new church. The idea is that we'll be able to change the background color for different seasons and contexts.

Money Magazine and have named Surprise, Arizona, a another West Valley city, as one of the "25 Best Places to Retire." A lot of people retire to Arizona but I should mention that our very working class community, while a great place to live, isn't the kind of place that people go to retire. Laveen is an area with a lot of younger people and those here who are old can't afford to "retire" in the traditional Arizona style.

Foreclosures in Arizona are down. ~ link

• "How bad a theology is it when a denomination declares a local church w/out a pastor 'Vacant'?" ~ Leonard Sweet

Jay Phelan is stepping down from his role as president and dean of North Park Theological Seminary. He jumped in during a time of crisis 13 years ago and not only turned things around but did a bang-up job setting a new direction. ~ link

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