Friday, September 11


South Korean linguists are trying to get other languages to adopt their Hangeul script. ~ link

This is one of the most critical points in the story of the US. If we are going to transform our cities we must approach it as a missionary. Two metaphors I used in my book, Doing Ministry in Hard Times might help you explain this change to your congregation. In the book I contrast two metaphors -- The National Park World and the Jungle World. The National Park world is characterized by Ozzie and Harriet and the Jungle world is characterized by Ozzy Osbourne. Your people have to realize that they no longer live in the 1950’s. Between 1954 with the advent of Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock and September 11, 2009, the world has experienced a radical break with the past. Not much will be the same ever again, including how Christians must live out their lives in the world. ~ Bill Easum in Backyard Missionaries
Guam is under a tropical storm watch. If a typhoon develops it will probably skirt to the north. (Yes, once a Guamanian, always a Guamanian -- love that island.)

Mysterious lights in the sky over Phoenix. The only thing I saw up there tonight was heat lightening -- following a beautiful fire-in-the-sky sunset. ~ link

CT has a new look. They're calling it "bold." I'm not sure I'd go that far. But it is a spiffy change. ~ link

The Covenant offices are moving out toward O'Hare. Not only will this start to break up the 60625 Covenant ghetto a bit but it will also provide adequate working space -- at no cost. Everyone is a winner. ~ link

How it is that the neo-reformed bloggers appear to have overtaken the emerging bloggers? I wouldn't identify with either group but I'll add my reasons, anyway --

(6.) the neo-reformed clan is growing in numbers and influence faster than the emerging clan. More people buy Mark Driscoll books than Doug Pagitt books. It's not just a blog thing.

(7.) the nature of the influence that the emerging group is trying to exert is more subtle. The emerging people would just as soon fly under the radar.

(8.) the neo-reformed movement is a lot more defined. No one is really sure as to what exactly constitutes "emerging."

Do you know this guy? Thief caught on tape stalking UPS truck.

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Carebear1158 said...

When I saw CT had a new look, I was wondering what was happening in Connecticut.