Tuesday, September 15


The number of female pastors in the US has doubled in the last decade, according to Barna research. This is progress. But there is an elephant in the room. Many of the female pastors are trying to become what male pastors were 25-35 years ago -- still fighting for the respect that belonged to a prior era. This means that too many are aspiring to reputable pulpits rather than leading as entrepreneurs. If the number of female pastors is going to double in this decade we will need more female innovators.

Our first citrus tree is now in the ground! I planted a cara cara navel (pinkish, sweet grapefruit flavored orange) this evening. I have a key lime ready to go but I need to soak the hole and dig it out more. (They really compact the earth when they grade these lots.) I'm guessing that we'll eventually have close to 30 citrus trees in the backyard -- most on dwarf or semi-dwarf stock (keeps things manageable).

Seth Godin is asking why non-profit organizations aren't using the social networks (a free resource) and are letting the for-profit organizations dominate the medium. He suggests that they're paralyzed by fear of change -- which is a paradox because "These organizations exist solely to make change." ~ link

• Speaking of fear, is your showerhead making you sick? ~ link

• Erika Haub has a good word on how it is that the church is meant for messiness. ~ link

• Steve Bilynskyj has a good word on gentle wisdom. ~ link

• Chirp. Chirp. We need some geckos to help us with our cricket infestation. Of course, we'd then need something to help us with the gecko chirping.

• Now online -- Google for the Public Sector ~ link

• Also from Google -- Fast Flip -- a new way to read the news online. ~ link

• Review of the newly released Lutheran Study Bible. ~ link

The monsoon season in Arizona is almost over -- and there has been less than an inch of rain! ~ link

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