Thursday, September 17


Mark Goodacre, New Testament prof at Duke University is posting some delightful short (10 minutes or so) podcasts. Today's episode, for example is about Mary Magdalene, the First Woman Apostle. He's fun to listen to and he packs a lot into the short segments. ~ link (via)

A church just for men. Whatever. ~ link

Sean Benesh consistently asks good questions about church planting. ~ link


Rick said...

"He says the Man Church is not a joke"... of course it is. And a pretty crass one. I am so tired of Christians who presume to tell me what a "real man" is.

Different Cloth said...

And how do you like this Rick? John Eldredge (the Christian "man's man") is coming out with a book that has to do with the knowing the soul of a woman.