Tuesday, September 22


One in every hundred adults living in England has autism -- no vaccine connection ~ link

The economy in China is expected to grow by 8.2% in 2009. India's projected growth is 6%. Both of these figures are significantly higher than originally thought -- although the economies remain fragile. Those of us in the US are really quite oblivious to and insular toward what is happening in Asia. ~ link

How the Covenant in the US, originally Swedish immigrants, is looking more and more Asian -- that is, Asian-American. ~ link

Delightful story of Jim Ressegieu who retired, went to seminary, and is now pastoring a rural Iowa church. Might his tribe multiply. ~ link

The Tyndale people are really doing a full court press on the Holy Bible: Mosaic launch -- contests, blog tours, give aways... so many give aways that they may not have anyone left to sell to. I'm looking forward to the arrival of my review copy -- and the certificate for a free copy that I'll give away (we'll have to come up with a contest or something). Michael Spencer, who has obviously already received his review copy, has a good word about Mosaic on his iMonk blog.

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