Saturday, October 3


I found a Manila Mango tree (my favorite variety) at Home Depot -- at half the cost of what they sell for at the local rare fruit nursery. Now I just have to figure out how to keep the rare frost from killing it. I love an agricultural challenge.

• I'm hoping that this weekend we can double the number of people who follow to the Covenant Church twitter feed. They were at 86 last night. There are now 107. ~ link

Interesting thoughts on evangelicals sharing with Mormon missionaries. Follow the link after you've read John Morehead's introductory comments. ~ link

• The "conservative" pundits, intent on picking apart the presidents every little move, are sounding pretty silly this week. Friends, there is nothing inappropriate about a head of state pitching a city in his country to the Olympic Committee. (That's fairly common.) It's never a waste of time when the president is out building international bridges for the US.

I know that it is a disappointment to Chicago to miss landing the deal. But it's fantastic that a South American country will finally play host. It's about time!

• Have you ever considered that there could be more than one way to understand how the New Testament uses the Old? Could it be that different parts of the New Testament actually use the Old in different ways? See the very short Zondervan video plugging the book Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

Mike Elgan: "Someday, and soon, just about everything will work like an iPhone, with software-based multitouch, gestures, physics and 3D serving as the interface for PCs and gadgets of every description. And, of course, the big operating systems players are leading the way." Ah, the reason I'm not interested in an iPhone is the on-screen keyboard. My fingers never got the hang of it -- not enough tactual feedback for an uncoordinated klutz like me. ~ link

If we don't plant new churches they will plant themselves -- and the new plants may not have as healthy of a start. Over 400 members of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church have left to form a new church that will more closely maintain the legacy of James Kennedy. ~ link

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