Tuesday, October 13


• Better than dumpster diving -- dumpster swimming -- or should we say dumpster upcycling. (Take note of new word entering vocabulary -- upcycle.) ~ link

• With 600 worshipers they wouldn't really fit into a house but they are a part of the ever evolving and expanding house church movement in China. There is an estimate that Beijing alone (population 17 million) has about 3,000 house churches. ~ link

Higher education train wreck inevitable? Budget cuts in the midst of growing demand. ~ link

• Oops. Sweden breaks the internet... or at least their portion of it. ~ link

• Allen Mickle reviews Stephen Nichols' IVP book Jesus Made in America. ~ link

New Jersey -- leading the pack in solar energy? Well, almost. That's embarrassing for the sun-belt states. Kudos to them. ~ link

Introducing Google's latest -- Building Maker ~ link

• More deflation. Colorado is dropping its minimum wage from $7.28 to $7.24. In that state the minimum wage is tied to the rate of inflation. ~ link

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Unknown said...

I have been trying to get my boss to let us create a swimming pool dumpster at work but I am not making progress yet.