Friday, October 16


• Would someone be so kind as to explain to me the difference between a Ponzi scheme (which is highly illegal) and the way that the US Social Security system is structured.

• A Louisiana justice of the peace has refused to grant a marriage license to a bi-racial couple. I'm guessing that boy's in a heap of trouble. ~ link

• The dust has settled and it appears that ASU has a record enrollment this semester -- 68,064 students. ~ link


Justin said...

Leaving aside that the SS system doesn't work they way it was intended anymore, Ponzi schemes only reward those further up the chain, while SS returns payments to those who originally contributed.

But, looking at the way it actually works instead of how it's supposed to work, I see what you're getting at.

Beth B said...

And what about the stock market, Brad?

Laura Springer said...

Simple: the government acts by force of law.