Wednesday, October 21


The reason America is so wealthy is that workers tend to work more hours per day and more days per year than their counterparts abroad. So suggests the British magazine the Economist. ~ link

Both Google and Bing are going to carry Twitter search results. I'm still trying to figure out if this makes a whole lot of difference in the overall scheme of things. But I'm sure it will be revenue producing for all three entities -- at least temporarily. ~ link

Starbucks is preparing to open their first outlet in Sweden. Wow, I thought they were already everywhere (except Guam). ~ link

Starbucks is definitely my favorite coffee place -- even though I don't drink coffee. The two local outlets consistently provide me with grounds for my compost bins -- and they do so with enthusiasm and a smile -- every time I ask. I think Starbucks must make all job applicants take a social IQ test -- and accept only the top 10%. I'm a sucker for good customer service.

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