Sunday, October 25


• The newly released cherry flavored Coke Zero is an improvement over Coke Zero. It makes the sweetener less obvious.

• "...Sooner or later Christianity will be the major religion in Korea...." ~ BBC new story

New tropical depression threatening Guam ~ link

• Instead of complaining about the new Facebook set-up, tweak it so that you're seeing what you want to see. You can choose and customize without too much effort. ~ link

Is it experience? Age? Maturity? The result of living on a tropical island for the previous three years? The enthusiasm and vision of the two families in this with us? I'm not feeling the least bit stressed or concerned about this church plant. I'm relaxed and confident that God is pulling this whole thing together and am anticipating each new step of the adventure -- just excited to see how God is going to make it happen.

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