Wednesday, October 7

Who is the bad apple?

Apple Computer thinks that Woolies' (Australian grocery store chain) new logo looks too much like theirs. So they're taking them to court. ~ link

Perhaps you'd be so kind as to register your opinion in the comments today. Pick one:
A. These logos look way too much alike. I was so confused that I went to the grocery store and tried to buy an Apple computer.
B. These logos don't have any resemblance whatsoever. Apple needs to add a vision component to their employee health plan.
C. These logos don't have any resemblance whatsoever but Apple should sue Woolworths anyway because they're Australian and they need to be taught a lesson.
D. Yawn. Why do they keep doing this kind of stuff?


kent said...

I vote "D". Their legal department must not have enough to so.

xuefen said...

Yes, I vote "D" too.

Susan Gillespie said...

I vote "B" - as in, they need a "vision" that helps them see how stuff like this turns people off.

Justin said...

D, D, D, D, a thousand times D. Apple's legal dept needs to take a backseat for awhile. The only thing they do more than selling iPods is bringing frivolous lawsuits.

Lukas McKnight said...


And I'm an Apple fan.

I can't wait for someone to vote C.

Melody and Tim Plaxton: said...

I vote B - someone needs their eyes checked! I don't even see a "w" on the little apple to the left - and the colors - WAY different! If this keeps up, grocery stores that depict apples on their ads will be sued - as will apple trees for DARING to bear fruit that so closely resembles Apple's logo!!!

Ann said...

I vote "B" but I could be compassionately "A" if Apple's legal team is getting so low on work that they need to make work in order to keep their jobs (which would answer D's question). Nah, on 2nd thought, it's still a B vote!