Monday, November 16


• THE Phoenix United Methodist church which lost its zoning appeal to run a feeding program for the homeless is going to appeal again. ~ link

RIO de Vida Covenant Church, our partner congregation a few miles up the road in Surprise, was featured in a story on the PSWC website. ~ link

Chinese computer users• PRESIDENT Barack Obama: "I have never used Twitter..." He's got 2.6 million Twitter followers and he's never sent a tweet. Grounds for impeachment? ~ link

• THE fall issue of Theology, News, and Notes is now online. Covenant colleagues Todd Johnson and John Weborg are contributors in the discussion about traditions of Christian spirituality. ~ link

• I'M optimistic that the Chinese government will eventually figure out that their censorship of the internet is putting the country at an economic and political disadvantage in relation to the rest of the world. ~ link

• AROUND two million people in Bangladesh are suffering from arsenic poisoning. Apparently the man-made ponds intended to protect villagers from unclean water have become catch basins for contaminants, which then enter the ground water system. "Experts have described the situation as the worst mass poisoning of a population in history." ~ link

• EGYPT has launched the first Arabic web domain name ~ link

• NEW research finds correlation between two chemicals found in plastic and feminization of boys. ~ link

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