Monday, November 23


"ONE in Christ or Coffee? -- The danger of replacing the Lord’s Table with a coffee bar." ~ link

OUR friend Dave Husby is reporting in from Bangladesh, where they are experiencing a reduction in poverty. I love the way that Covenant World Relief works -- low overhead, developing local partnerships. ~ link

"GIVE 20-somethings a voice in church" ~ link

I'm grateful that the Selah Covenant Church took a risk with me when I was 28-years-old and called in 1984 me to serve as their pastor. The reason that church turned around after years of decline wasn't so much that I led it but that they were willing to invite younger people to have significant roles in the direction of that church.

"BELGIAN says he was alert but mute for 23 years" ~ link

HAVE you Americans started thawing the turkey, yet?

WE'RE looking forward to having our children here from California for Thanksgiving -- at least two of them. Betsy flies from the Bay Area to SoCal Wednesday morning. She and Kirk will then drive the six hours to Phoenix. Kent will have to figure out someway to find turkey and kimchi in South Korea. He was with us for Thanksgiving last year on Guam. We'll miss him.

THERE is a lot more winter farming in Maine these days. ~ link (story has nothing to do with global warming) (via)

WHY promotional gimmicks aren't all that helpful to the church -- Dan Whitmarsh says it well. ~ link

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