Tuesday, November 24


JOIN US! The house across the street from us, picked up a couple of weeks ago out of foreclosure by some real estate company, and fixed up with new paint and carpet last week, is on the market for $104,900 -- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, almost 1,800 sq ft, 5,297 sq ft lot. Shopping in walking distance. And you could become a part of the MasterPiece Church launch team! The house sold for $290,000 in October of 2006.

DUNKIN DONUTS, like many other companies, has come up with a "'Thanks to You' program aimed at treating local everyday heroes to some free coffee" -- including law enforcement. At what point does this post-9-11 gratitude trend cross ethical boundaries? Does this practice in anyway create a culture of ingratiation? ~ link

IN ADDITION to the special lectures and podcasts Fuller Theological Seminary has the class lectures for three courses online. You can sit in on Biblical Hermenutics, the Prophets, and the Pentateuch through iTunesU. ~ link

NO WOOD burning fires in Phoenix tomorrow -- restricted because of too much pollution.

OFFLINE GMAIL now does attachments. ~ link

WHEN DID "Black Friday" become a public holiday? I mean, the shopping day after Thanksgiving has been a big deal in the States for years and retailers called it "Black Friday" amongst themselves because supposedly that's the day that moved them out of red ink and into the black. But now they have "Black Friday" ads on television and they talk about it as though it were a holiday in and of itself. And they've even suckered the news media into the whole charade with special reports on the holiday preparations. Marketing hype. Absurd.

WOULD YOU use a free netbook from Google? ~ link

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Carebear1158 said...

Tempting, Brad. But I am not moving again.