Friday, November 27


SF trolley car cam -- vintage film shot from traveling trolley car ca 1909 ~ link

EVEN though there are a few deficiencies and quirks I finally made the transition and changed the default browser on my computers to Google Chrome. It's just faster and I found myself loading it more times than not.

WHATEVER. The government has more important things to worry about than a couple of attention-seeking buffoons who crashed a White House party. ~ link

THE Swiss, hoping to head off some of the problems they've seen develop in France, Germany, and the UK, are getting ready to vote on a referendum banning the construction of new minarets. ~ link

CHINA'S incredible empty city of the future (via):

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ThomInAZ said...

Always interested in your random thoughts. I am surprised by the Swiss on their take with the Muslims. I was in Berne after a Missionary trip to Romania.