Saturday, November 14

Will Zondervan recover its reputation?

SCOT McKNIGHT is wondering whether there is something that we should be doing about Zondervan's recent announcement that they're going to publish a new eschatology set by Tim "Left Behind" LaHaye.

Zondervan has spent a lot of time in the evangelical doghouse this year:
  • the brouhaha over the discontinuation of the TNIV Bible translation,
  • the recent publication of Deadly Viper Character Assassins: A Kung Fu Survival Guide for Life and Leadership, which has been seriously criticized for the racial stereo-types,
  • the staff changes at subsidiary Youth Specialties,
  • and now this LaHaye nonsense.
  • It will be interesting to see if Zondervan is able to recover its reputation.


    Randall Friesen said...

    who is it who owns Zondervan?

    Brad Boydston said...

    I'm guessing that you know -- or you wouldn't be asking. News Corp of which the chair & majority stockholder is Rupert Murdoch, who reportedly has some association with Saddleback Church.

    Books with troubling and exploitive eschatology are the least of news Corps sins.