Thursday, December 3


THE new Pacific Islands University website is now online at the new domain name ~

WE had some snow today in Chicago -- nice big flakes. I'm in some meetings to help re-do the Covenant ministers and church profiles that are used to help match pastors with churches. We're going to a computerized system -- not quite eHarmony -- but a move in that direction. We'll be hiding out in the basement at North Park Theological Seminary until about noon Friday, if you want to poke a head in and give me an excuse to step out for a minute. I'm heading back home to Phoenix tomorrow afternoon.

ARIZONA'S economic recovery is years out, according to the economists. But if we can get a bunch of solid and creative people to join us in Phoenix we can help move the recovery along. ~ link


Dan said...

Do we get to make video introductions of ourselves? "Hi, I'm Dan, and I like long hikes in the mountains, bluegrass music, and Anabaptist theology. If you want a minister with pizazz and just a little mystery, leave a message at box 4415!"

Unknown said...

Dear Lord deliver us

Brad Boydston said...

from Dan? :-)

It won't be like that, Joan. This will allow computer matching of some but not all of the characteristics on the profile. It should open doors for a lot of people who are not currently being considered for positions -- especially if they are lower profile.

The current problem is that there are just so many people in the system now that some are falling through the cracks and not being considered for positions because they aren't known by the supts. So the DOOM and the supts are really pushing this through.

This will not only open up doors for some people to get in on the conversations but I think it actually has the potential to speed up the search process, too.

Everyone is going to win in this.