Friday, December 11


HE can't really talk, yet, but the kid can play uke -- which should take him far in life. Some people are just born with the gift. Cute kid. (via)

THE Skunk Creek Community Market, an outreach of our friends at New Hope Covenant Church in Peoria, is featured in the AZ Republic. ~ link

I READ that Wendy's Hamburgers is pulling out of Japan. Because Japan is a rice culture, like Guam, it started me thinking about how Wendy's is a little different on Guam than in the States. For one thing they serve the big rice chili bowl -- a scoop of rice covered with their chili. I wish Wendy's in the States had the big rice chili bowl. ~ link

THERE is a website for The Poor Will Be Glad. ~

WORLD VISION does microloans, too. Jump in online. ~ link

CT'S article on "The Kiva Effect: Internet-based lender inspires innovation in Christian microfinance" ~ link

QUOTABLE: "Those who yell their beliefs are trying to convince themselves. Sarcasm often reveals a weak position, guilt, or insecurity." ~ Rick Warren

STEVEN EVANS is helping to organize an AM congregation in Oneida County, New York. Check out their website.

A MOZILLA exec worried about Google is pushing Bing. ~ link

10 QUESTIONS for Garrison Keillor ~ link (via)

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Stephen said...

brad you have made my day with that uke youtube.