Thursday, December 17


UNINTENDED consequence of new technology -- the new LED traffic lights don't melt snow. ~ link

LIFE TOGETHER HOUSE in Calgary ~ link

AS one who gently tilts toward Amillenialism, but who is not ready to dismiss the Millenialists, I found Richard Mouw's article "What the Millennialists Have Right" to be engaging. One thing to keep in mind in such discussions is that by definition Amillenialism is a broad fuzzy category but the categories within Millennialism are a lot narrower and defined.

FIRST century Jerusalem burial cloth discovered -- "The researchers say the shroud is very different than the Shroud of Turin, with a much more simple, two-way weave -- not the twill weave used on the Turin cloth, which textile experts say was introduced more than 1,000 years after Christ lived." ~ link

"CHIHUAHUAS overflowing Phoenix shelters" -- adoption fee $36 this weekend. ~ link

NUMBERS are down but vitality is up in the English church ~ link

AMERICAN seminaries are experiencing a growth spurt -- but most students don't see themselves as future pastors. That's okay -- theologically trained people will be better leaders -- regardless of titles and positions. God will raise up pastors. ~ link

CHERYL and I both registered with the National Marrow Donor Program when we were living in Texas in the early 90's. And we're still active in the database, hoping that someday we can help save someone's life. Sign up. It's not complicated and there is often a local grant of some sort to cover registration. ~ link

ARIZONA will pay half a million dollars to remove 52,000 dead citrus trees. ~ link

BECOME a quiet revolutionary. ~ link

I CAN'T attest to the validity of the study which shows that people living in sunshine states tend to be happier than those without much sunshine. But I do know that I'm a lot less of a grump on sunny days. ~ link

SEA LEVELS could rise 6 meters -- which would make living in Florida quite a challenge. ~ link

CHURCH EXECUTIVE NEWS has picked up the story on how the Covenant is bucking denominational trends. ~ link

BETTE MIDLER with Jake Shimabukuro -- "In My Life"


Lukas McKnight said...

Bad news- we just got to Florida!

Brad Boydston said...

caveat emptor