Tuesday, December 22


THE Swedish contribution to Christmas is Kalle Anka. No one is quite sure how Donald Duck waddled his way into Christmas but if you think about it, his presence is probably no stranger than that of the reindeer.

I'M anticipating the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, which is broadcast in Arizona on Thursday morning. ~ link

BREAKTHROUGH in combating malaria -- disrupt mating cycle of mosquitoes ~ link

Education is about humanness -- it is about making peers out of students. Colleges and Universities don't provide information -- they produce creative, thinking, persons. The single most important factor in this process is relationship -- the relationship between students and professors as people and the relationships amongst the students. Making a peer out of a student is an outcome, of course. But not one easily measured. ~ RJS discussing Education for Human Flourishing: A Christian Perspective
ED STETZER: "I believe that if you can learn to order at Starbucks, you can learn theological language at church." (Actually, the theological language is a bit easier to handle than a "Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino Blended Coffee -- whip.") ~ link

burning Santa50 FOOT Santa goes up in flames ~ link

SOUTH KOREANS are shelling out big bucks for growth enhancers to make their children grow taller. There is no evidence that any of these gimmicks actually work. ~ link

SOMETIMES you can fly the denominational flag so low that no one notices it -- or the benefits it brings to the church or the related churches. This news story says that NewSong Church in Irvine, California is "non-denominational." In fact we are pleased that they are a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church family of churches.

I'M still trying to figure out how the New Hope SouthBay/NewSong merger is more than a cooperative partnership. I certainly don't object to it. Cooperative partnerships are good! I just don't see how a multi-site "merger" really changes anything -- or adds long-term value. In my experience, so much of what we do -- things which seem cool, innovative, and cutting edge don't necessarily have that much impact in the over-all scheme of things. Yet, I'm hesitant to say "don't bother." A more Gamaliel-type wait-and-see response (Acts 5:33-39) is appropriate.

WE'RE being reminded to pray for Michael Spencer (iMonk) who has been diagnosed with cancer. Mike Mercer has kept the iMonk blog active for Michael.

ALSO, prayer is in order for Daryl Reichard, who was a part of our church in Turlock. He had brain surgery to remove a tumor but the mass was bigger than expected and they couldn't get it all. His wife Erlinda is trying to figure out the best way to care for him and his needs at this point.

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