Friday, December 25


ANGELS We Have Heard on High played on the angklung. Is that Sivin Kit on the guitar? That's fusion. ~ link

THERE is a bit of chatter out there on the CNN article -- "Passions over 'prosperity gospel': Was Jesus wealthy?" The problem is that it asks the wrong question. We already know that Jesus was wealthy. His father owns the cattle on a thousand hills! The real question is, what did Jesus do with his wealth? He certainly didn't spend it living the lavish lifestyle of a prosperity preacher.

CONSIDERING all the screening we go through to get on a plane, how did a man with known terrorists ties get an incendiary device on a plane? ~ link

MORE frost tonight. I'm ready for summer.

LCG's creative Nativity scene. ~ link

THE Greek word for Christ is Χριστος. In many of the ancient icons and New Testament manuscripts the X was used as an abbreviation for Χριστος. It was a common and respectful abbreviation. That's how we got Xmas -- the Christ mass. IOW, Christ IS in Xmas.

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Sivin Kit said...

Yup Sivin Kit on Guitar. But for the Angklung we kept it authentically Agnklung! :-)