Friday, January 8


GREAT story about two churches, my niece Robyn Bickerton, and her Westmont College roommate who has cancer. ~ link

IS Target going Costco on us? I'm hoping for samples! ~ link

JAY PHELAN is now blogging. ~ link

I DON'T understand French logic. ~ link

ACCORDING to the Wall Street Journal, there is a built-in "marriage penalty" in both the House and Senate healthcare bills. Reform is necessary but it appears that no one in Washington really has a handle on the process. There are just too many half-baked components in the current proposals. Perhaps the wisest thing would be to consider the work done up to this point as a part of the learning curve and start over. A stitch in time saves nine. ~ link

MAGICJACK for the cell phone ~ link

THE kids who hang out at the lake next to our local library should be happy. The Arizona Game & Fish people will be restocking the urban lakes with rainbow trout next week. ~ link

SOMETIMES we can accomplish a lot more by doing a lot less. But we have to overdo it for awhile to figure out how that works.

THE Anglican Church in North America, the new Anglican province that brings together disenfranchised conservative Anglican bodies, has a new website. Now, the question is whether they will get past thinking of themselves as victims and be able to move forward in mission. I'm optimistic. ~ link

"SWEDEN'S status as a country with high quality living standards for its residents has been questioned in a newly published index, which claims it is the most costly country in the world to live in." ~ link

WOULD you pay $7.02 for a Big Mac? Of course, I probably wouldn't pay $3.58 either. The pricing isn't right for fastfood. ~ link

FACEBOOK wants to fund computer science PhD students who are doing research in an area applicable to Facebook. No hidden agenda there. ~ link

CHURCHES that plan to use their buildings to connect with the "unchurched" should make the buildings look more like traditional church facilities, according to a new survey. That was exactly what we discovered in Turlock when we canvased the neighborhood for input prior to designing our building there. ~ link

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