Saturday, January 16


WAS Jim Rayburn a Barthian? ~ link (via)

INCREDIBLE aerial photos of post-quake Haiti ~ link

AND from the ground ~ link

WORLD VISION reports that all 52,000 of their sponsored children in Haiti are safe. ~ link

MORMON insight ---
Joseph Smith called the Book of Mormon the keystone of the Mormon religion. It is certainly not the keystone of Mormon theology, beyond its basic portrayal of Jesus and a few other points. Most of the significant doctrines that define contemporary Mormonism are not found in the Book of Mormon – the plurality of gods, the deification of worthy men and women, the eternity of matter, the pre-existence of human souls, and so forth. But this does not render the Book of Mormon irrelevant. The book’s enduring relevance is found primarily in the place the book holds in Latter-day Saint experience. My premise is that evangelical Christians most wisely address the Book of Mormon when they understand not only how to respond to its claim to be an ancient scripture, but also when they grasp the multi-faceted relationship Latter-day Saints have to the Book of Mormon... ~ more from Ross Anderson
"HUNDREDS of new top-level domains" are in the pipe. That's nice but will it be enough to break our .com fixation? ~ link

THINGS are looking a lot better in Bihar, India's poorest state. ~ link

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