Monday, January 18


MARTIN MARTY finds irony in Pat Robertson's latest pronouncement about the Haitian pact with the devil. The concept of such pacts is drawn from secular rather than biblical literature. "Could Robertson have been courting secular humanists with this turn to non-Biblical sources?" ~ link

EMAIL from Tammi Biggs, Covenant missionary in the Dominican Republic (next door to Haiti):
...Being on the ground floor isn't always the right floor. The outpouring of people wanting to come and help is incredible and we are forever grateful. This, however, is a time of extreme chaos and devastation. This is a time for professionals to be on the ground. Quite honestly, it is not safe for outsiders and we would have no way of supporting ourselves on the ground. Where would we get food and water? Where would we sleep? etc. When the television cameras leave and the news of Haiti fades, we are still looking at years of rebuilding. We need to take time to pray and seek the Lord on if our physical presence is the right action in the future...
SO far, US relief organizations have collected over $210 million in response to the Haitian earthquake. ~ link

"NOW the hard work begins" is a short piece I wrote for the MasterPiece Church website. It's being reposted elsewhere so I should probably at least link to it here. ~ link


Rick said...

I gave credit!

Brad Boydston said...

I wasn't complaining -- just thinking that I should get on my own bandwagon, too. :-)

Rick said...

You write good stuff.

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