Wednesday, January 20


balloonTHE MasterPiece Church balloons arrived today -- all 2,000 of them! We're going to fill them with helium and have them for kids at the Laveen Pit BBQ on February 21st. My brother set-up the artwork for us. I'm more than pleased.

"BEE decline linked to falling biodiversity" -- I'm trying to remedy that in my garden ~ link

THE reason that college professors tend to be liberal? Typecasting, according to a new study. ~ link

SOUTH KOREA, with one of the world's lowest birthrates, is trying to create a babyboom. ~ link

UR VIDEO: Leonard Sweet on Reading Scripture ~ link

COMING attraction -- "YouTube getting into movie rental business" -- at $4/pop it sounds pricey -- especially when I can rent a DVD from the Red Box for 99¢/day. ~ link

I'M ready to try kabosu, another Asian citrus ~ link

ASU prof Dr David Hinds, does a brief video segment on the historical background to Haiti's poverty and its relation to the earthquake's devastation. ~ link

COVENANT WORLD RELIEF online donations for Haiti now exceed $103,000. That does not count other gifts. Many churches have taken special offerings. For example, Redeemer Covenant Church in Tulsa is sending in $44,000. There is some specific information about where in Haiti the money is going in the linked story. ~ link

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xuefen said...

Nice balloons and the sign. Also your favor color. I believe the children will like it. Do not forget to tie all of them in a safe place before give alway.