Thursday, February 4



MORE INDICATORS OF ECONOMIC TURNAROUND -- We have new shopping centers in Laveen which have been sitting empty -- many never occupied. Now we're starting to see some activity. Also, I noticed today that the former Mervyn's store (which could not have been open for more than a few months before the company went under) has new banners announcing the arrival of Goodwill and Mi Pueblo Supermercado -- both of which should do well in the area. My only hope is that it's a nice, not-so-dumpy Goodwill.

IN SPITE OF THE RECESSION we're still way better off than previous generations. We need to keep things in perspective. ~ link

10 PRODUCTS THAT BOOMED during the recession -- some I get -- some make no sense whatsoever. ~ link

DOLLAR GENERAL plans to add 600 stores, hire 5,000 in next year ~ link

THE SNOWBIRDS are back in Arizona this year -- in greater numbers. ~ link

"KENNETH COPELAND MINISTRIES partners with United Theological Seminary to offer advanced degree" -- as crazy as it sounds this appears to be real. Such strange bedfellows. I'm still trying to figure out what I think of this. I think it's a step in the right diretion -- sort'a. ~ link

SOMEBODY HAD TO DO IT! US border entry-card piffle set to music ~ link

"I THINK ONE OF the most spiritually dangerous practices today is encouraging people -- in small groups or in front of the church or even in print—to talk about how God has transformed them..." ~ more from Mark Galli, who is sooooo spot on

"DID YOU KNOW: Using the highest grade Velcro a 160 lb person will stick to a wall with only a four inch square." Thank you, Randall, for sharing that. ~ link

PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ON THE MOVE for a long time. Last week we read of the remains of an ancient Asian man found in Italy. Now DNA studies confirm that the 2,000-year-old remains discovered in eastern Mongolia are of a Western man. ~ link

WHAT IS THE SYNOPTIC PROBLEM? Mark Goodacre has a 40-minute-long lecture from his Intro to NT class at Duke U on his NT Pod blog. ~ link

PROPOSED ARIZONA SOLARBULLET solar-powered train would connect Tucson and Phoenix with a 35 minute ride. ~ link (via)

NORTH KOREA plans to free detained Tucson activist Robert Park. Smart move on so many levels. ~ link

I'M NOT SEEING the Twitter Hovercards, yet. But I'm looking forward to them. ~ link

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