Saturday, February 20


MIKE ELGAN suggests that participation in social networking could result in higher insurance premiums. (In case any bad guys are reading my posts -- don't even think about it. We have six very hungry German Shepherds, an alarm system that makes Fort Knox envious, and all our neighbors are average Arizonans -- armed with AK-47s and Uzis.) ~ link

COVENANT WORLD RELIEF & partner, Medical Teams International, are recruiting physicians to go to Haiti. "The next team will depart March 3 and return March 24. Especially needed are emergency and general practice physicians, internists, OB/GYN specialists and pediatricians." ~ link

NEW PLASTIC MADE FROM SUGAR can go into the compost pile for quick degrading -- less energy intensive production than petrol based plastics, too. Sweet! ~ link

The simplest way to test the "Protestant principle" is to look at the sentences concerning God in a book, sermon, essay, or address. Is God the acting subject? Or is the human being the subject and God the object? If the latter is the case, then the theology of the Reformation is not operative. ~ Fleming Rutledge
She goes on to school us in Apocalyptic theology, which Dr Rutledge describes as "The strongest and most immediately relevant theological work being done today in the tradition of the Reformation."

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Bill Kinnon said...

Fleming Rutledge is FANTASTIC! I've heard her preach multiple times in person.

Imbi & I are just finishing post-production on a DVD series on preaching we shot at Wycliffe College with Fleming in late '08.