Wednesday, February 24


IT APPEARS that there is also a great Atlantic garbage patch, too. What is the hang-up that is preventing us from switching-over to the less harmful rapidly decomposing fiber or sugar-based plastics, which have already been developed? ~ link

JIN AIR, a low-cost Korean carrier, is going to start flying into Guam. ~ link

"GIANT PREDATORY shark fossil unearthed in Kansas" ~ link

TWITTER TEAMS up with Yahoo search ~ link

MORE THAN HALF of Arizona mortgages are upside down. This is why we're struggling to get economic traction. ~ link

WITTENBERG INSTITUTE -- Independent Lutheran graduate school offering 100% FREE tuition, room/board, books and a living stipend, "world-class visiting faculty," British style of education with MTh and MDiv degrees in Everett, Washington. Interesting new option in theological education. I'd like to see their business plan. ~ link

MY MILLENNIAL SCORE IS 31. I would have scored higher but I'd hadn't texted anyone, played a video game, or drank from the fountain of youth within the last 24 hours. ~ Pew Research Center

INVEST IN THE MOVIES -- Hollywood Stock Exchange plans to begin live trading at the end of April. ~ link


Unknown said...

My Millenial score is only 27. It is lower than your. :-).

After Darkness Light said...

ReL=: Wittenbberg Institute: they are supported by consortium parishes. . .however, those not coming from one of those consortium parishes would likely not receive free tuition, room and board. . . they would probably have to pop for themselves but I haven't been able to find out how much it would cost if you're coming from a non-consortium parish. I think the best game plan for Lutheran seminarians or aspirants is actually ALTS. . . where I am studying online for $250/class. . . in their MTS program. Since I already have and M.Div., I'm just in it for the Lutheran Theology and it's great! You can find out more by googling "ALTS" or the American Association of Lutheran Churches and looking at their "seminary" link on their home page.