Saturday, March 13


Luther's sealGlobally speaking, total membership in Lutheran churches increased last year by 2.5% to just under 73.8 million. That's about 1.5 million new Christians -- mostly in Africa and Asia. ~ link

Make up a domain or corporate name with the help of (via)

✽ Of course, an interesting sounding name won't save you from weird associations. I cringe every time I drive by the REXAM facility or see their name on a can or box.

"How helping hands could hurt Haiti" is a thoughtful CNN piece that urges wisdom and a measured response. "...Yet the same groups that have lined up to help Haitians the past two months -- foreign governments, relief groups and companies pledging to rebuild -- could hobble Haiti's long-term survival, some say..." ~ link

Local story on the church that my bud Brad Kindall is starting in St Paul ~ link

✽ An Arizona church has been told by the city of Gilbert that they cannot meet in the pastor's home. ~ link

What would happen if everyone just ignored the whole daylight savings routine? Having lived both in places where they do and where they don't use DST, I really don't see any advantage to running so many people through a time shift twice a year. Perhaps it was helpful in a bygone era.

The developer of the PSA test, the most commonly used tool for detecting prostate cancer, is now saying that it's no more effective than a coin toss. ~ link

I like watching CSI Miami re-runs. The story lines are weak, the gore is too matter-of-fact, and the acting is way overdone -- but the bright vibrant outdoor photography grabs me every time. I suppose it helps that south Florida is one of those places which had already captured my imagination. So colorful -- lots of greens, blues, yellows...

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