Tuesday, March 23


✽ And that's another thing that has changed in the 30 years since I last lived in Arizona -- the whole gun fixation. We act as though carrying a gun around is a silver bullet to all of life's problems. On the positive side, I suppose all these guns add to the Old West mystic and help attract tourists. ~ link

✽ In spite of the economy, unemployment, major government cut-backs, and being a foreclosure hub, the population of Arizona continues to grow. ~ link

✽ This is an opportunity to hit the reset button. See Dave Mark's wisdom on doing relief right and helping Haiti over the long-term. ~ link

✽ Americans buy creams to make their skin look darker. Indians buy creams to make their skin look whiter. One thing which we all have in common is that we want to become what we aren't. ~ link

Home Bible studies no longer illegal in Gilbert, Arizona. It sounds like the original problem was that the city didn't have adequate definitions of regulated "assembly" in the code. Most communities seem to create definitions around size and scheduling. That is, a regularly scheduled meeting of any sort over 50 people requires a zoning permit. ~ link

Does your congregation have a giving kiosk? ~ link

✽ I don't suppose that your fire department issues warnings like this: "Scorpions are out & about this Spring. They can be deadly to children. Check your shoes before you put them on. Be safe." ~ link

✽ "The problem with God is that God is so good at what God does that we take God for granted." ~ Mark Batterson

Bacon-flavored toothpicks ~ link

Biden -- a real class act! ~ link

✽ "I'm mad at everyone. No, not you. Not anyone in particular, actually. I'm angry at the idea of 'everyone' and what they want and what they say..." ~ Seth Godin

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