Thursday, March 25


The Messianic Jewish Theological Institute and their online School of Jewish Studies looks like an unaccredited but serious player. ~ link

Resources for seminarians at

57% of Republicans believe that President Obama is secretly a Muslim. Since by definition being a Muslim involves a public declaration how can he be a secret Muslim? That's as silly as saying that someone is a secret Christian. Of course, a quarter of the Republicans surveyed also said that he is the Antichrist -- which is interesting since I'm guessing that fewer than 25% of the Republicans are Christians and thus don't actually have any sort of theology with an Antichrist. ~ link

✽ The Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman (Justitieombudsman - JO) is investigating complaints that several Swedish universities are requiring employment applications be submitted in English. ~ link

Let's suppose that Jim Wallis is a socialist, as accused, would that actually be unAmerican or unChristian? If Americans democratically voted in a socialist system would we cease to be Americans? Why or why not? (Turn your test upside down and leave it on the desk when you're done.) ~ link

Researcher George Barna is scratching his head trying to fill out the census form. ~ link

Three ways to use improv to improve your public speaking ~ link

✽ "...Why doesn’t the Pope get this? He is surely a man of depth and character. Why can’t he understand that grudging and calculated penitence is no penitence at all?" ~ Tim Stafford

✽ "Today, some very sad news has been made public. Clark Pinnock has permitted friends to share that he is suffering from middle stage Alzheimer’s disease." ~ T.C. Moore

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