Monday, April 12

Random -- all global today

strange clouds✽ A few months ago it was raining fish in Northern Territories, Australia and now a Northern Territories town has awakened to the sight of a twisting diagonal cloud formation in the sky. Somebody is playing with the Oz weather machine. ~ link

✽ There is a major migration underway and Tibetans are leaving the refugee camps that they’ve called home in Nepal since the late 1950s. Some are going into India but many are headed to Canada and the US. ~ link

✽ "GTA TeleGuam Monday questioned whether a federal agency that is distributing broadband stimulus funding is making the best use of that money, when some of the taxpayer funds are going for projects that will compete with private companies on Guam." This is the same sensitive subject that will come up over and over again if the FCC's proposed broadband plan is implemented. ~ link

The rise and impact of global universities ~ link

✽ Great line from der Spiegel's massive, even-handed article on climate change amidst the current crisis of credibility in climatology -- "For Scandinavians, for example, the only drawback will be a possible guilty conscience over the fact that they are benefiting from climate change..." ~ link

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