Wednesday, April 7


Lin Yu Chun sings Whitney Houston better than Whitney Houston. ~ link

✽ "Is mixing diversity into your local church wise?" isn't really the right question. We should be asking, "Is visible diversity in the local church core to the gospel?" ~ link

Chuck Swindoll interviewed by CT ~ link

Presentations that stick ~ link

Do other cities have so many car/light rail collisions? It's not like you can chalk it up to the light rail being new anymore. ~ link

✽ ISTM that putting troops on the border is an expensive band-aid that doesn't really deal with the problem. It does, however, allow politicians to say, "See, we're doing something." Even if it were the most effective and just solution, we don't have the resources to stop the flow through intimidation or force. We have to reform the system so that people can move back and forth across the border legitimately. ~ link

United Airlines and US Airways are talking merger. ~ link

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